I’ve worked with clients for over six years in the writing, editing, and marketing space, and love helping businesses streamline their content needs. Interested in working together? Below are a few ways I can help.

Content strategy & management

Content marketing has been shown to lift traffic and sales for businesses β€” and, when paired with a strong SEO strategy, strong content can boost website traffic for years to come. However, creating a winning content strategy can be challenging, and managing it can be time-intensive.

I work with businesses to help them come up with strategic content calendars that suit their end users’ needs. For those who don’t have their own content creators in-house, I can also take on content management, working with a network of writers who are experts in their fields.

Content creation

If you already have your content strategy in place and simply need regular content creation, this is the package for you. Whether you need a one-off blog post, a case study, e-books, or regular articles, let’s work together to make sure you have a regular stream of quality content that comes in on time and on budget.

I’ve worked as a journalist and content creator for years, and have covered everything from the American presidential elections in 2016 (a true experience) to pop culture to the latest in business research.


Want to launch your own blog, write your own book, or build your own website? Get an expert pair of eyes on your work, with the recommendations, strategy, and expertise of someone who understands exactly how audiences want their content formatted and delivered.

Social media management

This is perfect for those who want to build their brand without overloading their to-do list. Let my team and I create a social media content calendar for you and your brand, then share it with the world (with your review and approval). We’re great at building and managing a community, proving your expertise, and establishing a solid brand.


Let’s chat and see if I can help you build your brand. Reach out here!