Outside, the night has turned windy. Even through the closed window, you can hear the rasping of dry leaves in the dark and the slow creak of the unlatched backyard fence. You’re slightly feverish, energetic, immune to the cold despite the shortness of the days. A warm body lays next to you, telling you stories in the hopes that you’ll tire. You don’t, so you roll to your knees and open the window, leaning out to feel the breeze. (more…)


As we glided into the harbour, the sun slinked down behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge, tinging the sky a burnt tangerine orange. The Australian I was talking to smiled as I pulled out my camera.

‘I’ve been here twenty years and it never gets old.’


The longer I live, the more ghosts live with me. They twine themselves around locks of hair, tuck in behind my pierced ear. One lays in the scar sliced into my shin during my summerful of biking. One swings from an anklet given by a boy whose memory is as persistent as an earworm. One tries to be a guardian angel against both bike injuries and broken hearts, and that ghost lives beneath the bracelet my father gave me years ago. The ghosts flit over eyelashes and warm themselves under rings. (more…)


When you see me lacing into my Nikes, iPod discarded next to me on the porch, you squint and give me that oh another overachiever look: ‘Why do you run?’ It should be an easy question to answer, but it’s not. I started for the typical reasons. I didn’t want to get fat. Social approval. X does it, and I think X is pretty cool, so I’ll do it too.

But why you start running isn’t why you keep running, although the two trip into one another. Last week you could only run 4 minutes without feeling your lungs give out. This week you can run 10 uninterrupted. And then you run your first 10k, and then you can’t stop, because if you went from 10 minutes to 10 kilometres in a couple of months, how far could you go if you push further?

(Same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!) (more…)


The sand’s heat has relaxed through the long afternoon, and a faint sliver of a moon has made its way over the trees, wriggling in between the stars. The bonfire has slow-burned through the night, down to embers, and our bellies are full when the three of us venture out into the dunes. Flip-flops are abandoned in the dark. Matt carries a Tupperware of cool white wine as our feet sink, silent, into liquid white sand. (more…)