Kangaroo Island: Stokes Bay

We spent our first day on Kangaroo Island at Stokes Bay, a great expanse of beach hidden on the North Coast. When we first pulled into the carpark, the view wasn’t too impressive – a bunch of rocks plopped on a beach, with a handful of kids running around in their trunks, apparently unaware that it was freezing out.

We skipped the rather-unexciting beach in front of us and instead scurried off to the cliffs on the right, where we actually found a surprise: a sign saying “beach” and pointing through a maze of rocks. This was puzzling, since we were standing on a beach, albeit not a beautiful one, but we ducked through and twisted our way through a natural rock tunnel.

On the other side was a wide stretch of white sand and waters clear as glass. Giant stones led out into the ocean and razor-sharp rocks made up the cliffs around us. What a fantastic hidden gem. Here’s the views of Stokes Bay.


I also took the following pictures on the North Coast, just outside our cabin in Emu Bay.



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